This two-hour session covers all the basics from yes ma'am, no sir, thank you, please, the importance of eye contact, how to make introductions and essential telephone manners. Fun and enlightening role-playing exercises reinforce students’ learning and show what distinguishes true ladies and real gentlemen in today’s rapidly changing world.​

Class size limited to 15 participants: 175.00 per person

Class size limited to15 participants: 125.00

Etiquette for Today

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Dining Skills for Success

Dining has long been associated with gracious hospitality. The ability to be a delightful dinner guest and outstanding host is a quality that friends, family, and co-workers value beyond measure – and is a way of life that you will enjoy always. Everyone has experienced awkward moments at a mealtime; developing proper dining skills frees one from worrying about mistakes.

In this three-hour tutorial luncheon at a local country club, participants learn to

be confident and polished in both fine dining situations and casual get-togethers. 

A beautifully set table in a lovely atmosphere can make good food taste even better and can set the scene for a wonderful dining experience. Enjoy a five-course meal while you learn about …​

  • Proper placement and use of flatware, glassware and plates
  • Classic table manners and protocols with different foods
  • Key essentials of service and customs
  • The importance of engaging conversation and including others ​

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  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Entertain with fun, grace, and warmth
  • Lead by example and follow with enthusiasm
  • Respect and appreciate different perspectives ​

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