Good Grooming:

A good haircut and style can make the difference between a so-so appearance and a great look that gives you confidence and accentuates your best features. This session will help you discover that great look. This very special four-hour class takes place in one of the city’s finest hair salons and includes the ultimate luxury of having your hair styled by one of El Paso’s foremost hair professionals. Enjoy an exceptionally fun session and learn more about...​

Hair Care and Styling:

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Wardrobe Coordination:

This is the total package from head-to-toe for young girls and teenagers, with separate courses for women. This course provides a fun and interactive environment for a complete finishing school experience. This unequalled etiquette curriculum is the ultimate preparation for college, marriage or career.

Class size is limited to 15 students, allowing each student personal and individual attention. However, you can enjoy any of these sessions in your own home or office as private or small-group classes; all you need to do is assemble your own group. You can mix generations as well— daughters, cousins, mothers, grandmothers.
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Gift certificates for the entire program or for individual private sessions make excellent gifts, especially for those setting off for college or the job market.               

In addition to "Dining Skills for Success" and "Basic Etiquette Skills" (described in the Classes tab), the Comprehensive Course includes the following six classes:​

A graceful, confident posture can make an enormous change in your entire appearance and can make you stand out in a crowd. In addition, the ability to maintain your poise and equanimity in any situation is a gift that keeps on giving throughout life. Poise is not an inherited trait; a sense of composure and calm can be learned and practiced like any other skill until it becomes intuitive and ingrained. This session will make a difference in your demeanor that can stay with you the rest of your life. Discover how to... 

Comprehensive Course


Complete Seven-Week Course

What you wear leaves a lasting impression on others and yet so many people don’t know how to maximize their wardrobe for the most positive impact. Learn the secrets of what looks good on you and what to wear when. This session will help you discover how to put together flattering outfits for a wide variety of occasions and help you feel confident and content wherever you go. Become a person who can…

  • Improving your appearance from head to toe
  • Manicures, pedicures, dental care and personal hygiene
  • Regular routines and lifelong grooming standards
  • What grooming habits make one person stand out from another​
  • Coordinate every part of your body to move smoothly
  • Sit, stand, walk, and get out of a car with grace
  • Enter any room with sophistication and confidence
  • Keep your sense of poise wherever you go​

In this session, you will learn sound principles of caring for your face and skin. All girls and women can benefit from an introduction – or review – of the essentials for maintaining the quality of our skin in a dry climate.   In this informative session, Joann will demonstrate good skin care and proper application techniques of make-up for women. Leave this session with a lovely collection of skin care products to use on your own. Learn more about…​

Skin Care and Make-Up:

The great beauties of the world are not always the most physically attractive, but they are, without exception, all well groomed. You, too, can make their examples and secrets of impeccable grooming your own. Each student will receive a gift basket with grooming essentials along with a helpful booklet of good grooming tips. Find out more about…

Class limited to 15 participants for  the Comprehensive  Course: $1200.00

Poise and Posture:

Nutrition and Fitness:

The basics of sound nutrition and physical fitness are vital to your health and, therefore, to your appearance and attitude. Being healthy and strong brings a radiance to your looks that nothing can replicate!  In this session, learn physical fitness tips from a special guest speaker, a certified physical fitness personal trainer who can help you identify the best diet and exercise program for your body type and abilities – and come up with strategies for maintaining your program. Learn how to… ​

  • Develop healthier eating habits and make better food choices
  • Maximize the benefits of an effective exercise program
  • Make healthy habits a part of your day-to-day life
  • Look better, feel better, and live longer ​

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  • Select the right clothes for you
  • Organize your wardrobe for efficiency
  • Coordinate your clothes for a polished look from head to toe
  • Care for your clothes to ensure a well-groomed appearance ​
  • The basics of good hair care
  • Your hair type and how to style it
  • What hair styles look best with your facial structure
  • How to select the right hairstyle for the right occasion ​
  • Lotions, potions, and cleansers for effective skin care
  • Daily practices to keep your skin healthy
  • Skillful application of cosmetics to bring out a woman’s best features 
  • Different make-up looks for different occasions ​

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