"I thought I knew everything about table-setting and manners. I was in for a big surprise. Keep up the good work ... we need it." 

 Mary Nell Pollard

Dear Ms. Wardy,
Thank you for your time and attention! We really enjoyed our time spent with you and we feel like your class made an impact in our lives. Thanks again.   

                                                                       Jessica, Lynn, Kaylyn

"Since my wife and I attended your Dining Skills for Success, we feel more confident when we are invited to dinner parties and we are enjoying ourselves a lot more. Thank you so much."      

 Manny Martinez

Ms. Wardy
Just a brief note to let you know that I enjoyed your presentation last week. It was interesting and informative. Again, thank you.  

                                                                       Joe Saykley
                                                                       Bank of the West


El Paso Etiquette​

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"It is such a pleasure to sit down to our family meals now that the children have attended your Dining Skills for Success program. Thank you again." 

 Mary Hermosillo

"Thank you for the lessons you gave to all of us at Radford. You brought a touch of elegance that we all appreciate. We look forward to working with you in the coming year. It was a real pleasure to meet you in person. I enjoy your colum in the newspaper."    

 Margaret Clark

Ms. Joann Wardy recently conducted several Business Etiquette and Dress for Success sessions for our bank. We contracted her services to coincide with an up date of our dress code policy. Ms. Wardy was able to provide both visual and practical examples to reinforce our dress code policy. As a result, we have seen an overall improvement in the appearance of our staff.
The Business Etiquette portion of the sessions reinforced common courtesies that we should all be aware of  and taught our staff many basics that many of them had never been exposed to prior to the sessions.
We were very pleased with the content of the training sessions, and the outcome.

 Larry L. Patton
                                                                       President of Bank of the West