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Tips on Traveling with Friends

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to get to know someone is to take a trip with them. Following are some tips on being a good traveler companion:

  • Before taking a trip, make a point of getting together beforehand to discuss what the goal for the trip is. Will you be sight seeing, sunbathing, touring, going to theaters, clubbing, dinner?

  • Make financial plan as to what expenses will be incurred and who will be paying for what. Will everyone be going dutch? Make sure you agree whether all dinners will be split evenly or if there will be separate checks.

  • Will everybody be sticking together for all activities? If not make sure that is understood ahead of time so no feelings are hurt if one decides to do something different.

  • If the plan is to go dancing, have an agreement ahead of tie if someone wants to leave early.

  • When sharing bathroom, make sure to clean up after yourself our of respect for the person that follows.

  • If snore, smoke or like the room particularly warm or cold make arrangements for your own room or share with someone with the same habits or preferences.

  • When traveling in a group, if you should find yourself in a romantic situation with someone you have met, be considerate of your roommates and do not bring strangers to your room.